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Jay of the Dead's New Horror Movies

Mar 4, 2022

Welcome to the epic fifth episode of Jay of the Dead’s New Horror Movies! Apologies for the delay in release, but this baby is about 5 hours and 24 minutes of pure Horror podcasting power, so it took a little extra time. Here in Episode 005, Jay of the Dead is joined by his all-star Dream Team that (so far) includes Dave “Dr. Shock” Becker, The Gillman Joel Robertson, Mister Watson, Dr. Walking Dead Kyle Bishop and GregaMortis! Your six late-night Horror hosts bring you reviews of new Horror movie releases from 2022, six Horror-themed Specialty Segments, and a couple of group Feature Reviews, such as Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2022) and Brian De Palma’s The Fury (1978)! As for our other 2022 Horror releases, we’ve got reviews of The Cursed (2022)No Exit (2022)Studio 666 (2022)The Ledge (2022) and Hellbender (2022). We’ve also got some entertaining reviews of some older films that still might be new to you, and those are 20 Million Miles to Earth (1957)The Ring (2002)Deathdream (1974)Inside (2007), and the Killer Baboon movie, Shakma (1990).

And just to tease a couple of our Specialty Segments, we’ve got Mister Watson’s Top 5 Horror Movie Surprise Endings, as well as Dr. Shock’s segment about The Final Resting Places of Celebrities (and how they all weren’t quite as final as their families had hoped). Of course, we have some prize winner announcements and some new contests! We also get a great voicemail from Jay’s boy, “Spawn of the Dead.” #ProudPapa And your favorite, late-night Horror hosts discuss topics like Third-Act Horror Movies, Japanese water ghosts, the magnificent artistry of Master Monster Maker Ray Harryhausen, how Netflix is getting all of us “Shakma-levels-of-pissed-off” for not releasing their Horror films (like TCM) on physical media, and of course, saggy boobs. (We have to include something to keep Dr. Shock from getting bored.) This episode is dedicated to “The Grey Man” Greg Bensch.