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Jay of the Dead's New Horror Movies

Jan 26, 2023

Ahhh, shoot! Here it is! Time for Episode 041 of Jay of the Dead’s New Horror Movies, where we have appearances from all nine Horror Avengers! That’s right! We’re bringing you some brand-new reviews of 2023 Horror movies, including M3GAN (2023)Candy Land (2023) and even some Gothic Horror with The Pale Blue Eye (2023)! We also bring you some much anticipated, long-awaited weighing in on some 2022 Horror titles, including Gillman Joel’s thoughts on Fall (2022), as well as Dr. Shock and Ron Martin’s thoughts on The Black Phone (2022). Here in Episode 041, you’re also going to get some Specialty Segments, such as Horror in Black and White by Mackula, with a guest appearance by GregaMortis! Also, you get The Dead Zone With Dr. Walking Dead, where Dr. Bishop and Jay of the Dead compare Universal’s The Mummy (1932) with Hammer’s The Mummy (1959). (Trigger warning: Sacred cows will probably be tipped.) Last, but not least, we bring you a review picked from the John Kenneth Muir book, “Horror Films of the 1990s,” including a rousing review of John Carpenter’s Vampires (1998). And that’s enough.

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Jay of the Dead’s New Horror Movies is an audio podcast. Our nine experienced Horror hosts review new Horror movies and deliver specialty Horror segments. Your hosts are Jay of the Dead, Dr. Shock, Gillman Joel, Mister Watson, Dr. Walking Dead, GregaMortis, Mackula, Ron Martin and Dave Zee! Due to the large number and busy schedule of its nine Horror hosts, Jay of the Dead’s New Horror Movies will be recorded in segments, piecemeal, at various times and recording sessions. Therefore, as you listen to our episodes, you will notice a variety of revolving door hosts and segments, all sewn together and reanimated like the powerful Monster of Dr. Frankenstein!